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What’s more rewarding than passing on your love of lifelong learning and being outdoors? Teaching a younger adventurer to love it too. Our Grand Summer Adventure is an inter-generational program designed for grandparents and their grandchildren to bond with the natural world and each other. Together, hone your outdoor skills while learning about the unique history and ecology of Minnesota’s beautiful northwoods.  Share your passion for learning and the outdoors with a grandchild and create memories with your grandchildren that will last a lifetime.

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    Become a member of 1750's voyageur brigade.

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    Share stories from your own heritage while learning traditional Ojibwe skills.

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    Sometimes, the best things happen just by spending an extended time together.

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    FIT Braves Dri MLB Nike Men's Shorts Must-have: Campfire with food on a stick!

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    Spend a day exploring Lake Superior's North Shore.

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    The pride found in meeting a challenge together....

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    Quiet walks in the woods....

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    See beauty all around through new eyes.

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    A mixture of outdoor adventures and time to relax.

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